Sunday, 2 August 2009

Japanese Blooms

Another Beading Forum Challenge - this week the theme was "Chiyogami". Chiyogami is a beautiful Handmade Japanese paper and the designs are just gorgeous ... AND I just happened to have some in my house. :)

For this piece I set some Chiyogami paper in resin and then based my cuff around the design on the paper. I used these gorgeous Czech cup flowers and mini flowers for the blooms on the branches. I really love the way this turned out - of course with all firsts I made mistakes and slightly miscalculated a bit on the size, but that was easily sorted. Would really, really love to do another one ... perhaps even a collar with these beautiful Japanese designs in mind. I'm also going to practice more with the resin ... love making my own focals :)

Japanese Blooms


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lindo muito muuuuito bonito. PARABENS