Sunday, 19 July 2009

Ouro Preto

This piece was done for a weekly challenge on the Beading Forum - the theme "Subterranean". So I did some research on the net last night on subterranean areas and found some truly inspirational pics - but one caught my eye and I thought I could do something with it. It's an underground Gold mine in Ouro Preto, Brazil - and for a small fee you can take the rickety old mining cart deep down into the mine and take the short walk to a glistening subterranean pool.

This is the inspiration piccie ...

and here is my piece - stayed up late last night to start it, got about half way through it before I started to literally fall asleep LOL ... and I finished the rest off this morning. A gorgeous piece of brown/gold Agate slice and in the middle is a hint of blue, this represents the pool deep down inside the mine. Tiger's Eye chips are the boulders and rocks surrounding it, and the gold/bronze seedies represent the veins of gold found within the mine.

Ouro Preto

and a closeup

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tidal Pools

This piece was made for a Seed Bead Challenge on the Beading Forum. The theme - "Rockpool", and it had to be all one colour .... not an easy feat I tell you. Anyway, this is my entry. I knew one day I would have a use for all these Agate Slices I have in my collection LOL.

The piece is made up of Blue Agate Slices, lots of different coloured blue seedies, freshwater pearls, Czech fp's, and Swarovskis. I loved making this one - I seem to be drawn to blue alot when I do "bigger" pieces .... I find it a very calming colour to work with ... AND of course, doing pieces that relate to water are right up my alley as I find water, the ocean, rivers/streams very calming as well.