Monday, 10 June 2013

The big reveal ....

This afternoon (Monday), Steven posted more reveals for Group B, and Marilyn's and my Battle was revealed.

First up, Marilyn's ... Dove of Peace

I love the detail in the wings ... and anything that's white is always a big fav :)

and now mine .... now I can see things that I'm going to have to change once this Battle is finished. Hate it when I can see things I should have done differently :)

Floral Decadence

Inspired by the late Victorian era ... think William Morris, and the decadent brocades and fabrics of the time.

Bead embroidery on lace ... The seed beads are 15s except for the flowers which are 11s. Also incorporates a smattering of Swarovski Crystals and that gorgeous enamel brooch


Battle of the Beadsmith 2013

Well that time of the year has come around again. The greatest battle in the world has begun. Two months ago, 192 bead artists from around the world were paired and started their Battle pieces. With a June 1 deadline many late nights, early mornings, all nighters, and all dayers were plaguing many artists. All but a few got their entries in on time.

The finishing time for my piece went down to the wire. Why I do these things to myself is beyond me. I knew when the deadline was ... I knew I had heaps to do ... But life seriously got in the way. But I persevered and got it finished.

Participants were broken into three groups - group A, B, and C. Reveals for Group C were last week, and Group B reveals have started. OMG the sheer talent and calibre of the participants has certainly stepped up. I have seen so much beauty over the last week ... And I'm sure to be wowed with the rest of Group B and the Group A reveals. My piece is Battle number 7 in Group B ... Hopefully revealed sometime today or tomorrow. My most able opponent in this great Battle is Marilyn Norman from the UK ... I can't wait to see what she has done :)

I can honestly say that I'm happy I finished it. However there are certain aspects I wish I had more time on. Perhaps when this mighty battle is finished I'll do some unpicking and redo the bits I'm not happy with. Will I get through to the next round? Well my stock answer is always a big NO just because I can clearly see the flaws in my piece. But I am proud that I finished such a big piece, and for me its a big statement piece, the size of which I have no desire to tackle for a long while LOL

Stay tuned for a full reveal of my piece :)