Friday, 29 January 2010

New listings

I actually got around to doing some new beading this week ... after 6 weeks of doing nothing!!!

So besides the Snow Queen (pics below), I've also managed to do a couple of simple necklaces and a pair of earrings.

Moonstone & Labradorite sterling silver pendant, with Moonstone and Labradorite beadies, and a sterling silver clasp.

Dark and Stormy

Big beautiful Labradorite facetted slabs, wire-wrapped with freshwater pearls and Comet Argent Swarovski Crystals.

Peruvian Opal earrings

Peruvian Opal, Smokey Quartz and sterling silver

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Treasury pics

Just happened to be in the right place at the right time today and scored myself my first Treasury Main.

Full of items from my favourites list

And below are Treasuries that I've been featured in so far this year - thankyou all for including me in your lovely Treasuries.

My Verdegris Heart necklace - top centre

My Scarlet Woman necklace - third row, first pic

Horned Owl Pendant - last row, third pic

Horned Owl Pendant - first row, third pic

Sun Man brooch - Fourth row, first pic

Pearly Shell Wedding Bracelet - First row, first pic

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Snow Queen

My latest piece I made over the weekend ... Snow Queen. Made as part of a YOJ challenge on the Beading Forum - "White Witch". My inspiration for this piece has come from the White Witch from Narnia ... so I wanted my piece to look icy and cold ... just like her I guess :).

Made with Crystal and Aquamarine chips, lots of clear and white seedies, that huge crystal quartz in the middle, some rock crystal nuggets and just a smattering of Swarovski crystals. I love this piece as it is so tactile, and it just looks like ice crystals forming. I am undecided though whether I should put some sort of fringing on it ..... so I'd love your input to help me decide.

Oh and you can thank my lovely daughter for the name ... she didn't like White Witch as a name and wants it called Snow Queen ... hence she wins. :)

Thanks for looking

Snow Queen

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Feature article

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tina from Your Daily Muse. That interview has been featured this week. Please visit "Your Daily Muse" and check out the many artists that she has featured .... their work is amazing.

The link to my interview is here.

Thankyou Tina for this opportunity, I had alot of fun answering your questions.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Feature Artist - Evy Designs

Seeing as things are a bit quiet for me on the jewellery making front at the moment, I've decided that I'm going to start featuring Artists that inspire me ... starting with Elizabeth from Evy Designs.

Elizabeth hails from Yorkshire in England, and her jewellery designs are to die for. Being a mix of contempory to classic, all her designs convey a beauty that is timeless.

Some of my favs ....

Willow Bracelet

Coralis Earrings

On the Grapevine

Peacock and Pearl Earrings

You can see more of Elizabeth's work in her blog, Etsy store, and her website.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Yeah I know it's a bit late, but hey, better late than never.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, and that this very New Year brings lots of happiness to all of you. Here's to a creative and inspiring year!!! :)