Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Scarlet Woman

Another challenge piece for the Beading Forum - this one with the theme "Scarlet Woman". I had this idea as soon as I saw the theme and just had to do it. The funny thing ... when I was making her, my eldest (9 yrs) came along, saw her, loved her, and then commented on her big boobies!!! Oi!!! Boys!!!!!

Update: Just found out today that I won this challenge, which I'm totally stoked about considering that all the entries for this week were totally beautiful and there were a couple there that I wouldn't mind getting my little mitts on LOL.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Lotus Flower

Well my fingers are a bit sore from this one LOL.

Done for a Wirework Challenge on the Beading Forum with the theme "Oriental". When looking at inspiration for this challenge I came across the meanings of symbols, and the Lotus flower intrigued me .... could I make one, that was the question.

The Lotus Flower

In the East, the lotus flower is viewed as a symbol of spiritual unfoldment. The lotus has its roots in earthly mud, but as it grows upward in aspiration toward the light, its petals open out in a beautiful flower. Om Mani Padme Hum, meaning, "Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus" is the sacred mantra of the Tibetans.

The blue dichroic I've placed in the middle represents the water from which this beautiful flower springs from.

I'll be putting a brooch pad on the back of this and making into a chrissie pressie for my mum .... she's been covertly hinting at a brooch for a while.

Update: my son looked at this last night and told me he didn't like the dichroic in it for Grandma ... could I change it to a pearl. LOL - he's 7 yrs old mind you. So I changed it .... he's like it much more now. Will pop in a photo soon of the updated Lotus. I like both of them so it doesn't really bother me which one goes to mum.

LOL wouldn't you know it ... my mum opened her pressie a week early. Good on ya mum!!! Anyway I'm pleased to say that she loves it and she wore it to a Christmas party last Friday night, AND she'll be wearing it to the family's Christmas do.

Monday, 1 December 2008

DQ piece

I made this piece weeks ago ... but because this was another Challenge piece and I couldn't post it until now. Made with beads and the gorgeous ceramic pendant from Cranberry Beads here in Australia. I went with my first bolt of inspiration when I did this, and after looking at some of the other entries I think maybe I should have let it sit on my desk while my imagination mulled on it for a while ... but having said that, I'm extremely happy with how this turned out. I love it!!!