Thursday, 29 April 2010

Exhibition is here!!!!!

Well ... today is setup day for my very first Exhibition. Ugh I am sooooo tired. Stayed up last night and "tweaked" a couple of pieces before packing them away. LOL I'm getting to be a bit of a perfectionist.

Today is also a big day because it turns out I'm to be interviewed by ABC Tropical North Radio while I'm at the Gallery. *insert very wide-eyed shocked look just here* :) ... I don't know what's more nervewracking - the Exhibition OR getting interviewed.

Anyway, everything is packed up and ready to go ... I just need to do the hour drive to get out there. On another exciting note ... the Gallery here in town saw my flyers/invites, liked what they saw, and want to see more. After the Exhibition is finished at the end of May, they'd like to see more of my pieces with the possibility of selling some in their shop. Cool hey!! :)

Well, wish me luck!!!! :)

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Beadworks By Kerri said...

Very wonderful news!!! Your work is gorgeous and you deserve to have good things happening!