Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Rustic Earth

Edited to add - Finally thought of a name ... and I'm very happy to say that this is the one they chose :)

This is the third and final piece that I have made for my gorgeous family members to choose between for their mum. Turquoise just happens to be one of her favourite stones, and I had a couple of these big slabs of African Turquoise in my gemmie collection for quite a while ... just waiting for the right piece. After much starting, pulling apart, and starting again, this piece just wasn't happening ... so I did the other two pieces instead. Finally I decided that I needed more slabs to work with ... and lo and behold, inspiration hit. Why don't I go back to my first love? Wiring?

Nothing goes better with Turquoise than copper findings and wire.  I had good intentions of this piece being structured and the wire framing the beads .... that just wasn't going to work LOL. Structured and me just don't go together :). My wiring took on a more freeform nature, but also because I didn't want the wire to take anything away from the gorgeous African Turquoise ... and I think I achieve that.

The pillow beads are also African Turquoise - there's also a smattering of Swarovski Copper Pearls in there. I love this piece and I almost want to keep it for myself ....  :).


Teddyheart said...

Wooowwwww amazing !!!! I do love the cab and the way into you match wire and gemstones !!!
Gorgeous !! congrats !

A Beaded Affair said...

What a gorgeous piece. I'd love to see a dead on picture of it though. Your artistic shots are great but I think the style would show better dead on. Let me know if you post one. I'd love to look again.

Wired 4 Style said...

Very nice piece!