Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Blue Metallica

These beautiful dichroic cabs have been in my collection for a while now just waiting for the right inspiration ... a lovely Etsy lady from adornedintreasure made them, and they are spectacular in real life.

Took me a few goes to get this right - I've unpicked it a few times, and wasted alot of thread in the process. It has changed a little from my original design as I decided in the end to use ribbon/twine as the necklace part. The front is pretty "out there" so it really didn't need a flashy necklace part as well.

This is piece number two from my special commission request. I've decided to make a couple of pieces for them to choose from - this and the beautiful Cyclamen Serenade piece below - I may even go one more. I'm hoping that whichever one they choose, that she'll adore it.

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Teddyheart said...

I'm very impressed !!! I do love blue... and this combination of colours are stunning !!!!!