Friday, 29 January 2010

New listings

I actually got around to doing some new beading this week ... after 6 weeks of doing nothing!!!

So besides the Snow Queen (pics below), I've also managed to do a couple of simple necklaces and a pair of earrings.

Moonstone & Labradorite sterling silver pendant, with Moonstone and Labradorite beadies, and a sterling silver clasp.

Dark and Stormy

Big beautiful Labradorite facetted slabs, wire-wrapped with freshwater pearls and Comet Argent Swarovski Crystals.

Peruvian Opal earrings

Peruvian Opal, Smokey Quartz and sterling silver


Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

Maryanne..I got the pay it foward gift and love it. You are hookwed up to my blog. Thankyou Susan