Saturday, 6 June 2009

Lady of the Lake

This was made for a "Ladies of Camelot" Challenge on the Beading Forum. I am the hugest Arthurian legend fan, and this piece just brought out the creative juices in me ... and the first thing I thought of was the Lady of the Lake. So without too much hoohaaaa this is my interpretation ....

The Lady of the Lake

The great King Arthur is dead!!!

As Excalibur was slowly drawn back into the Lake, the magical powers of the Lady of the Lake started to wane. Mere mortals had foresaken the magic folk and the Goddess, instead choosing to believe in the “One God”. She could feel the magic draining from her body as she slowly disappeared into the misty icy water. The curtain between the world of magic and humans was closing. She closed her eyes …. time to sleep ….

This piece represents the disappearance of the world of magic at the demise of King Arthur. The Lady relents to the pull of Avalon and drifts off into the misty icy water ... her magic ebbing away from her body (that's what the cabs represent) ... and disappears forever into the mists.

OK ... the details ... done with 11s and 8s seedies in various shades of blue and white, Czech fire-polished beads, freshwater pearls ... and quite a few of Wendy's fused glass and dichroic cabs that reminded me alot of water. The face cab I've had sitting in my cab box just waiting for inspiration to hit - it's a gorgeous Jen Martin face ... and the celtic looking scrolls on her face just fitted in so well. I've even got Excalibur in there with the sword toggle clasp.


Mylene said...

Great interpretation!

Carol said...

Fantastic Creation! She sure fits the theme. I always love your work.

Christina J. said...

That is amazing!!

Jenn said...

Wow! Your beading is thoroughly spectacular!