Monday, 25 May 2009

Use the Muse - Contest

In my many blogging travels, I found this wonderful link and have been hanging out for weeks for the details of this contest to be announced. Well guess what, they have been. The "Use the Muse" is the brainchild of Scarlett Lanson, a Bead Artist based on the U.S. - and she shares her love of beads and co-ordinates this competition so that others can share her passion. The "Use the Muse II" contest is open to all beaders worldwide.

It's worth a look, just for seeing the beautiful entries from the previous contest ... LOL there's even someone on there that I know and love from the Beading Forum - congratulations Cindy on your win. :)


The Beader's Muse said...

Thanks for blogging Maryanne! I've got your link down for tracking for the Blogging Rewards Program! I will post the winners next Saturday on my blog and at that point also post the new prizes for that week. I will also include a link to your blog on The Beader's Muse.

I am so excited to be getting international participants! You are my second sign up from Australia and this is just really thrilling to know that the kits will be going around the world! can't wit to see what you make with the Muse!

~Beads, Bliss, and Blessings~
*Scarlett Lanson*

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Thanks, Maryanne! It was a really fun contest.