Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Create Your Style Swarovski comp - 2010

Those of us that entered this year's comp have finally heard whether we've gotten through to the next stage - the final judging. I'm really stoked that my piece "Jardin des fleurs rouges" has made it through to the next round. Now we all have the mad rush to send our pieces in by the due date. I do want to say a hearty GOOD LUCK to all those that entered and have made it through to final judging ... let's hope they can't decide and award us all the trip to Fiji :)

Jardin des fleurs rouges


Anonymous said...

Congrtaulations, ist is beautiful

Mm BisuterĂ­a said...

Is beautiful!!!!!

Amanda said...

That's fantastic news Maryanne - good luck!!! Loved your piece from the first moment I saw it so it doesn't surprise me that it's made it through to the next round :D Keep us posted! x