Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Swarovski Comp entries for 2010

Well it's that time of the year where all over Australia beaders are madly entering the Create Your Style Swarovski Competition. The comp has been open for entries since February and officially closes tonight at midnight. There are so many amazing entries on there and it really is worth a look - you can find the entries page here.

So to my entries for this year's comp. First up we have a piece that I actually finished towards the end of last year and has been sitting on the shelf in my beading room all that time. I used some of my most favourite colours ... Golden Shadow, Crystal AB Crystals, and Bronze and Cream Rose Pearls.

It's called "Niamh of the Golden Hair" and is based on a mythological story of a beautiful girl with golden tresses.

My second entry was only started and finished yesterday (Monday 30th), and the inspiration for this piece was the Red Magma Swarovski Wing pendants and some Red Artistic wire that I found in the clean up of my beading room on the weekend. Used lots of Red Magma, and just a smattering of Siam, Peridot, Forest Green, Fire Opal, Jonquil Crystals, and Lt Green and Bordeaux Pearls. I love the way this one turned out, and I'm equally amazed that I got it done in one day ... a very rare occurrence for me I can tell you that.

"Jardin des fleur rouges" ... loosely translated, "Garden of Red Flowers" .. yep, sounds better in French doesn't it LOL.


Pelima Jewellery Design said...

Beautiful work :)

Good luck. You'll win them over with your inspirational pieces :D

Maya said...

It's gorgeous!

Zackary Faraj said...

Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this.
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