Saturday, 31 October 2009

I got featured ....

in Etsy Treasury West ... twice

My first one!!! I'm so happy someone likes my little Sun Man brooch to feature him ... and of course there's some absolutely gorgeous pieces from other Etsy sellers that have been featured in "Orange" as well ... I love the lillies. Thankyou njema :)

Updated 3 November 2009

Found this one today in my wanderings around the site ... my sun man brooch again!! Thankyou SmadarsTreasure :)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Lace motifs

I've been thinking about using lace in my designs for ages, and in my Etsy wanderings last week I came across Jennie's Heirlooms. She's an Aussie seller, and her hand dyed lace pieces are absolutely gorgeous .... I just had to buy some.

Well the order arrived today, and oh my are they even more gorgeous IRL. I even got some complimentary lace motifs ... so thankyou very much Jennie.

If you're interested in lace motifs, then you have to check Jennie's site out.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New items added

Well, it's been a while, but I've finally added some new items to my Etsy store ... and all going well, I'll add some more this week.

I've also started replacing my photos on my items. My previous photos were ... shall we say ... crap!!! So yesterday I sat down and took over 100 photos (new items included) and forced myself last night to sit on here and change the photos over. I think they look alot better - still have some to take and replace, but it's a start. Let me know what you think of the new photos, I'd like to get some feedback ... good or bad. :)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Isis - Mother of the Gods

This piece was made for a beading challenge on the Beading Forum, with the theme "Jewel of the Nile".

I drew my inspiration from two sources ...

1. Crescent Moon ... Among the most powerful of all lucky symbols, the crescent is especially lucky for young children and their mothers.In ancient Egypt, the crescent moon was the symbol of Isis, the Mother of the Gods. As the Queen of Egypt, Isis was the protector of motherhood, women, and healer of the sick. She also rules magic.

2. The Menat ... This symbol represents a heavy beaded necklace with a crescent shaped front and a counter piece at the rear. It was a symbol associated with the goddess, Hathor and her son, Ihy. In fact, Hathor was known as the "Great Menat". Hathor used the Menat as a conduit, through which she passes her power. It was representative of joy, life, potency, fertility, birth, and rebirth

I made my piece in the crescent shape, but instead of having the counterweight at the back, I brought it to the front. Love my Egyptian brass components :). Anyway, I used size 11 Slate Blue and size 15 24ct gold seedies .... I never want to see another size 15 seedie again - LOL!!!! I'm going to add in a fringe at some stage - but as I was working to a deadline I unfortunately ran out of time before this could be done.

Isis - Mother of the Gods