Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Such a long since I posted

Ugh ... it's just been such a busy year ... LOL so far, and we're only in March.

OK to go over what's been going on, beading wise, since October. After the River to Reef Festival I went back to doing nice sedate market days, and surprisingly did quite well with them as well. I was also finalising the orders I got from that "big" day ~ all of which turned out really well, and I had happy customers.

Since Christmas though, things have been fairly quiet. The markets here tend to have a bit of a rest period until the heat of our summer dies down. So in the interim I have been getting ready for the main market to start back up again ... which is at the end of this month. YAHOO!!!!

Been making lots of beady goodies, buying up lots of beadies ... ssshhhhh don't tell my husband LOL. I've started playing with wire again, which feels soooooo good. I've been entering a few challenges on the Beading Forum ~ which I have enjoyed so much ... I love creating things to a theme.

I've also started studying at TAFE (Technical College), part-time. I'm doing a Certificate I in Visual Arts. Glasswork and Drawing are my subjects this semester, and oh I am having soooo much fun. I have a new appreciation of what it takes to make glasswork. It's an amazing medium to work with. Cutting glass to make something, and then firing it to see the end result ... beautiful. I love the way glass melds in together without losing it's form ... I may just have found another expensive hobby. LOL

My main news though is that I'm having another Jewellery Showing/Party, with my very good friend Penny. We're invading the country town of Collinsville with our beadies!!!! We have so much fun at these events, and Penny has friends and family in Collinsville, so hopefully it will be successful.

Well, I think that just about brings you up to date with what I've been doing beading wise. Hopefully I'll remember to keep posting here on a more regular basis.

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