Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Round and Round the Rose Garden

I made this piece for a very good friend down in Melbourne. She loved one of the pieces I entered into the Swarovski competition this year - and put in a request for one to wear to her brothers wedding ... only it had to have lots of pink and it had to have a butterfly. So after much searching I found this pink Cubic Zirconia 18ct White Gold butterfly .. perfect!!!!

Finished it today - and promptly packaged up and mailed. While it does sort of look like it's original "sister" ... it's definately just as pretty ~ I'm sure you'll agree ... and LOL it looks great on. Below is the comparison of both pieces.

"Round and Round the Rose Garden" ~ September 2007

"Round and Round the Garden" ~ Swarovski Challenge - June 2007

LOL ... excuse my crappy photos ~ especially of the version 2. In my haste to get it photographed and mailed off, I didn't realise my hand/camera shadow was in the picture.

Anyway darl, I hope you enjoy your necklace ... I enjoyed making it for you.

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