Tuesday, 23 July 2013

BOTB 2013 update

I can't believe how hard it is getting to vote. Kudos to Steven and Maja for doing an amazing job with the voting forms. I have agonised over each and every Battle in all the rounds so far. In some cases, its literally been a case of einey meany meiny mo and choosing that way. Sometimes its come down to wearability and technique. But each and every one has been really hard to vote on. But then, it saddens me when I see pieces that have absolutely blown my mind NOT make it through the rounds.

My personal BOTB journey for this year has been wonderful to say the least. My lace neckpiece - "Floral Decadence" - has, as of today, made it through to round 4. I'm very surprised that I've made it this far as my opponents pieces have been gorgeous, and up there as my favourite pieces.

We're down to the nitty gritty end of it now. Only 24 participants remain (8 in each round) ... and blow me down, my piece is still in there!!! The calibre and sheer beauty of the remaining pieces is amazing, and as much as I'd like to make it through to Round 4, methinks I may be kidding myself. :)

There's only two Aussies remaining in this great Battle ... Regina Krawets, and myself. We're flying the flag for you Australia!!

I've enjoyed this ride so much, and I wish each and every one of the remaining participants all the best of luck. To those that have fallen - oh wow, your pieces are amazing ... be proud, be very proud.

Bring on Round 4 :)

Round 1 Battle opponent - Marilyn Norman (UK) - "Dove of Peace"

Round 2 Battle opponent - Apollinariya Koprivnik (Slovenia) - "The Darkest Hour"

Round 3 Battle opponent - Irina Matusihis (Estonia) - "Gelios"

These are the shots of my piece which I've added with each round.

Round 4 photo is still to be revealed, so I won't put that one up just yet :)

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NEDbeads said...

Such an insanely gorgeous piece!! I am so happy for you, and I wish you tons of success as you move on!! :) :)