Friday, 10 August 2012

Round 2 results - Battle of the Beadsmith

Well BOTB leader Steven Weiss definately did it this time!! Round 2 saw me pitted against fellow Aussie Noel Wyres, and her gorgeous piece "Chaos" (pictured below). How could he do that? LOL

The results are out today, and happily or sadly, I don't know which one yet, "Evergreen" made it through to Round 3. It means there's one less Aussie in the mix now, sorry Noel ... but two other Aussies have survived the cut - Melissa Ingram with her piece "Arabesque Armour", and Lauren Macgregor with her piece "Belisama".

From 80, down to 40, and now we're left with 20. There is not one piece in this remaining 20 that I want to be up against ... the talent is amazing!!!

Congratulations to all those that made it through Round 2 ... commiserations to those that didn't ... and good luck to everyone for Round 3.

My beautiful opponents piece ~
"Chaos" by Noel Wyres

So who are the final 20?

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel - USA
Miriam Cielo Shimon - Israel
Christian Rodriguez - USA
Ann Braginsky - Israel
Melissa Ingram - Australia
Helena Tang - Singapore
Lauren Macgregor - Australia
Ekaterina Kalinina - Russia
Betty Stephan - USA
Sue Horine - USA
Marsha Wiest Hines - USA
Sandra Dokter van Esveld - Netherlands
Kinga Nichols - USA
Heather Kingsley Heath - United Kingdom
Ella Des - Serbia/Belgrade
Julia Turova - Russia
Alla Maslennikova - Russia
Irina Chikineva - Russia
Mikki Ferrugiaro - USA
Me :) - Australia


Noel Wyres Designs said...

Many thanks for the mention Maryanne. I congratulate you on your success. Good Luck for the next round. I achieved what I wanted. When I entered this competition with doubts but thought I had nothing to lose and if I got past Round 1, that was good. I did that with pride. This whole thing came at a bad time in my life with the death of my beloved brother, Rob. But I went ahead knowing that he was proud of every accolade I received.

Maryanne said...

Noel - your brother would be very proud of you. Like you, I came into this competition with nothing to lose. I was just stoked to even be accepted, let alone make it through round 1. I'm proud to be holding the Aussie flag with Melissa and Lauren. On the bright side ... we know at least one Aussie will make it through to round 4 :)

Silvì said...

Wow! Beautiful necklace!Congratulations!