Monday, 6 October 2008

2008 Create Your Style Swarovski Competition

Well, to add to my complete surprise at getting through to the 1st round of finalists for the comp .... I've made it to the final 30 with the "Raindrops" piece. I was floored with that one. Then when the final 30 were made public on October 1 (view final 30 here), I just couldn't understand how my humble easy peasy piece made it through, because the calibre of entries, and the sheer talent of my fellow finalists, far exceeds my humble piece.

Anyway, I'm just stoked that I've got this far ... totally unexpected, but stoked just the same ... and LOL, I'm even thinking of designs for next years competition. Can't wait for the winner and 10 finalists to be announced - I have my personal ideas on who the top 10 are going to be, and I'm so hoping that some of my fav entries from an earlier post will be included in there. Go Beading Forum members!!!!!!

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