Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Musical Theatre

On the Beading Forum they have weekly challenges, incorporating a different theme each week. This week's theme was "Musical Theatre". I love the theatre, and even though I haven't been for years, I still have my old theatre programs. So when this theme came up I rummaged through all the programs to get inspiration for this challenge. I found my inspiration in "My Fair Lady". This first pic is my inspiration photo from the program and following on from that is my interpretation of the piece.

Our local little beadie shop doesn't have much in the way of stampings/filigree, or at least what I had envisaged in my head. So I purchased the biggest bead caps I could and pounded them flat to make these cute little filigree pieces. I then wired some pink freshwater pearls and crystal AB Swarovski Crystals into them to make my interpretation of the theme.
Presenting .... "Eliza"

Note to add: I just looked on the forum at the poll results and I WON!!! WOW I completely gobsmacked. It's not very often I win something, the talent on the forum is just so much greater than mine ... but I won. LOL, if you can't tell ... I'm happy. :-)

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