Monday, 25 April 2011

Alice in Wonderland

Last week I took a ride down memory lane and entered a piece in the Beading Forums weekly YOJ Challenge. The theme? Alice in Wonderland of course!!

I drew inspiration for this piece from the most recent movie of this title - the one with hunky Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter :). A strange but totally fantastic version of the story, so the piece had to be "out there" as well.

Using the brass stamping as the base I glued a face (representing Alice) and a red(ish) heart (representing the totally horrible Queen of Hearts), surrounded it with roses and glittering Swarovski Red Magma flatbacks, and set it upon a base of beautiful red lace in the shape of a heart. Backed first with black LSS to show up the red lace more, then backed again with red ultrasuede (all of which you can't really see in the pics). The necklace is made up of some beautiful red Czech rondelles.

This piece is soooo not my style, but maybe it should be!!! I enjoyed every moment of the process and am really happy with the outcome. So without too much more waffle, here is "Alice and the Queen of Hearts".